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In 1999 after a day of wine tasting in Mudgee, a wine town in New South Wales Australia, we watched a local winery family celebrate their patriarch's birthday.  We had enjoyed their winery earlier in the day and now here were multiple generations celebrating at the same restaurant we were eating at.  That night inspired a vision, for us to create the same experience back in Maine, a vineyard and winery, a restaurant and special event place and mostly to be a winery family too.  In 2017 we began that quest.  We hope you are able to enjoy your day and evenings with us with your friends and family.   Thank you for sharing in our vision, Brenda and Tony

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Many of our menu selections are from recipes adapted from our many years of entertaining family and friends at home.  Other of our dishes use our wines and we try to use as many local ingredients as seasonally possible but most of all we like our menu to be approachable and enjoyed by you.   

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